JDM CANADA: Japan Car Exports to The Great White North

An introduction to our JDM CANADA series


The Great White North, as Canada is so fondly called at times, is the nation geographically north of the USA, and is referred to by Americans as their “Northern Cousins”; due to the fact that they both in majority share the North American Continent as a whole.

While Americans and Canadians share many similarities in day-to-day life and culture, there are some very marked contrasts that distinguish these two from each other.  To JDM (Japanese Domestic Manufacture) performance car enthusiasts in these countries, the dividing gulf between their shared passion of cars exported from Japan is far, wide, quite painful (to Americans at least) and very real: the 10-year difference in the importation laws for JDM vehicles in the USA (25 years or older) and Canada (15 years old or older).

Now, if you were a Simple Joe, this doesn’t seem like such a big deal (nor would the contents of this article be as interesting) to you; and if so we would recommend to make better use of your idle time in perhaps binge-watching your favorite TV show or soap opera.  On the contrary, if you were a gasoline-blooded petrol head, who finds hidden symphonies in the revving of an engine, the subtle spooling of a turbo (or twin-turbos), or the loud whistle and decreasing crescendo from the flutter of a blow-off valve, then like us here in Japan Partner, you know deep down in your racer-soul how this affects the JDM car scenes in both countries for the next decade and a half to come.
The coming series will be featuring various JDM Performance Vehicles that Canadians have been able to import: The Toyota Supra Mark IV, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I-VI, Mazda RX-7 FD3S, Honda Civic EK Series and others, and while the list is much longer and varied, let’s not fail to mention the Nissan Skyline R33-R34 GT-Rs.
Looking at the cars mentioned, it’s not hard to see how Canadians hold such a strong and wonderful advantage (currently) over Americans on what cars they can have exported from Japan.  As of 2015, the only JDM Performance car of note  being imported into the US is the 1989-1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R; a phenomenon worth mentioning, as due to the demand from JDM-starved Americans, the market price for this particular sports car has quadrupled in the past two years.

Stay tuned for our blog’s upcoming feature articles from the JDM CANADA series, as we further explore the bane and pain of car enthusiasts from America; while showing the world what Canadians are enjoying from Japan at the moment.

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    peoples are like attractive cars. Nice article about Japanese cars . thanks for sharing with us .

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