Logistics in Japan: Delivery and Shipping Services

A brief overview on the different types of delivery methods available for logistical services in Japan

Postal Services by Japan Post 
By far the easiest way to send day-to-day mail and small packages either locally in Japan or internationally, Japan Post has numerous branches in every town and city in the country. Combined with the largest banking system in Japan, it is a practical and cheap solution to most common logistical demands.
Best for: Accesibility, Low-rates, International EMS services, Banking Services
Not for: Urgent deliveries within Japan, deliveries to remote/less accessible areas
Can be used by: Individuals and Companies
OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays (Saturdays until 12:00 noon)
SERVICES:  Standard Mail, Yu-Pack (Parcels and Packages), International Mail, EMS,
Genkin Kaketomi (money postage within Japan), Banking Services/ATM’s

Deliveries for Packages, Parcels, Boxes, Goods and Cargo
There are also local Takkyubin companies that specialize in express domestic same day/next day speedy deliveries and pickups, as well as luggage transportation to and from airports.  Very popular among businesses and companies, they are fast and reliable in making sure to get your papers, goods, items and even large cargo across.
Best for:  Documents, Car Parts,  Small to Medium sized items, Yahoo! Auction purchases, Airport luggage pickups and deliveries, Large cargo deliveries
Not For: Vehicles, Construction Machinery and Equipment,  Marine Equipment
Can be used by: Individuals and Companies
SERVICES: Express domestic pickup and delivery, airport luggage deliveries, cargo delivery
3. NITTSU: http://www.nipponexpress.com/region-info/japan/service/index.html
5. FUKUYAMA (JAPANESE): https://corp.fukutsu.co.jp/

Deliveries for Cars, Motor Vehicles and Machinery

Best for: Cars, Motor Vehicles, Construction Machinery, auctions from USS or I-AUC
Not for: Other types of deliveries
Can be used by: Companies only, as a general rule
To have a motor car or vehicle transported in Japan, there are a handful of logistics companies that businesses use to get the job done; provided that there are no problems in the working condition of the unit.
SERVICES: Cars, Motor Vehicles, Construction Machinery deliveries and the like
COMPANIES: Zero, Hakuho, Okasan, USS Logistics, I-AUC Logistics
INFORMATION: Please get in touch with us at info@japan-partner.com for assistance

Deliveries for Non-working, damaged/accident Cars, Motor Vehicles, Machinery, etc.

Best for: Accident or damaged cars and vehicles, non-moving machinery, marine equipment
Not for: Standard car/vehicle/machinery deliveries
Can be used by: Companies only, as a general rule
To have an non-movable accident or damaged vehicle, construction machinery, even select marine equipment (small boats, jetskis, etc.), there are specialized logistics companies that provide this type of logistics.  Services will have to be arranged and booked in advance.
SERVICES: Logistics for non-movable cars and vehicles, machinery, marine equipment, etc.
INFORMATION: Please get in touch with us at info@japan-partner.com for assistance

Moving Services 

Best for: Residential moving, from one house or apartment to another
Not for: Other types of deliveries
Can be used by: Individuals and Companies
There are numerous logistics firms and companies, big and small, that help facilitate residential transfers across Japan.  Simply arrange a date for pickup and delivery, and wait for the movers to come by your place and pick your stuff up; then go to the destination address and wait for the items to be delivered.
SERVICES: Door-to-door pickup and delivery for residential purposes
INFORMATION: Please get in touch with us at info@japan-partner.com for assistance

How can we be of further assistance?

Japan Partner is proud to be the logistical solution to what you require.  Should you feel the need to have a consultation regarding your logistical problems, domestic or international, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@japan-partner.com or call us at (+81)567-94-0015.

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