A CLIENT’S STORY: My first visit to Japan Partner

Editor’s Note: The following is a short account from a partner-client’s experience during his first visit to Japan and his stay at our company facilities in Japan Partner.  Due to possible conflicts with his other interests, he requests that this post remain anonymous.

I would like to share my detailed impression of my business trip to Japan Partner Incorporated; which is located in Nagoya, Japan.  As it so happened, it was my first visit to the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Upon arriving at the airport, I was greeted warmly.  Japanese people are very friendly, polite and hospitable. It was already my second year working with Japan Partner; but all of our interactions and communication have been on the Internet.  For some reason, I was hesitant to go to Japan at first; thinking it would be difficult for them to accommodate me.  In general, I was uncertain and at that time decided not to go.

Only two years later did I decide to move forward.  And there I had the opportunity to see Japan Partner set an example of being a highly professional business.  I stayed for a duration of three months.  I was received in an excellent manner; with the company providing housing and a car I could use for transportation.  There was not a single moment of boredom the entire time; the company made sure that I was not ignored and always attended to. 

The team is great, the staff is well-organized, and they are specialists in their field.  On the first day it was clear that this was an efficiently-run company.  I am very pleased in how they had provided me with assistance in choosing what vehicles to acquire.

Japan Partner has the ability to procure JDM (Japanese Domestic Manufacture) vehicles directly from all the car auctions across Japan, as well as having ready access to imported and foreign-made (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc.) left and right hand drive units.  The company provides an excellent opportunity to participate in online car purchases at the different auction houses simultaneously from the comforts of their offices.  It was then that I got acquainted with auction business, and I was glad to learn that the Japanese are a very honest and decent people.

All cars to be bid for in the auctions are carefully checked by Japan Partner’s staff.  It is important to have assistance in reading Japanese; as all auction sheets provided are filled out in the “Nihonggo” language.  This was a very needed factor in assessing the condition of the vehicle so I could decide beforehand whether or not to bid and purchase it.

For the whole of three months the team helped me to buy my cars, and afterwards with the masterful guidance of their professional and specialized foreman and yard crew, do the vanning process for shipment right in the same area; as they are equipped with their container loading facilities.  They have a convenient and efficient loading system that can let me combine different types of cargo into the same container.  They also helped me find and buy spare parts from Yahoo! auctions; as well as purchase snowboards, skis, and many other items that I could sell quickly for additional profit.  The shipping cost for these additional items was free of charge, since it was carefully loaded together with the cars that I purchased.

During my stay there I was not only able to do successful business with Japan Partner, but also relax and visit a lot of interesting places in Japan.  They provided me with one of their staff as a guide who could help me with the Japanese language whenever it was necessary.

Thinking back and reflecting on my stay in Japan, it was one of the few times in my life when I was able to combine both business and pleasure.  I will always feel welcome!

For more information on Japan Partner’s services and client accomodation, please follow this link: http://www.japan-partner.com/company-profile.php

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