IT BEGAN IN AFRICA: Car trends and analysis on the African Market

Africa has continually been a major market for used vehicle exporters in Japan.

While the majority of countries around the world use left-hand drive vehicles, cars which are right-hand drive prove to be a specialized market where Japan has a strong presence. Quality and condition always go hand-in-hand in purchasing used merchandise, and Japan’s strict road-worthiness regulation for vehicles are a guarantee that used car exports from this country are better than any other in the business.

Here are some factors which play an important role on how importers in Africa choose what used cars to import from Japan:

1. If right-hand drive vehicles in Africa was an empire, Toyota would be the Emperor

Almost always by preference, inquiries that come in from Africa are for Toyota vehicles. The company started in the continent early; the logo itself is ingrained in the psyche of the average person from child to adult. Toyota also has the advantage of perhaps having the most accessible market of spare parts in Africa, thus making it a natural first choice for importers and clients alike. All other manufacturers sadly take second place.

2. Vehicles that can ride and play rough hit the home-run for Africa

Majority of the vehicles imported into the African continent more often than not need to withstand abuse from less than optimal road conditions. As such, SUV’s and 4WD vehicles are a favorite for developing countries. Diesel engines trump petrol ones in this regard; as well as preferring to choose a lower engine displacement due to some
countries putting a higher import tax on larger capacity engines.

3. The more the merrier, the bigger the better

Passenger capacity is also a noticeable basis in choosing for clients and importers. A 7-8 seater SUV would always get more attention than a 5 seater one; making the latter much cheaper due to lack of demand. There needs to be space for the entire half-dozen members of the family; squeezing in a couple of relatives to boot won’t hurt as well.

4. Deal your dealer right, and you got a client for life

Transactions over the world wide web are unfortunately full of hazards; and sadly importers in Africa find themselves targets for fraud and scams. Exporters have to continually assure importers that their companies are legitimate, as clients are constantly worried for their hard-earned money. The right impression and a fantastic deal for a first time customer or an experienced importer is the best way to earn their loyalty and future purchases.

Until the whole of Africa completely drives on the right side of the road, Japan will always be there to supply them with the world’s finest selection of used vehicles; which makes these factors come into the market all the time as well.

4 thoughts on “IT BEGAN IN AFRICA: Car trends and analysis on the African Market

  1. Thanks a lot for your mail. Actually Africans especially Nigeria preferred Toyota cars than other cars. i was in your country in 2012 for business on how to import used electronics from Japan but i want to change it to be importing motor spare parts from Japan. Please try to reply and tell me on how we will do the business together. Hope to hear from you soonest. Bye, from Livinus

  2. Tank you for informing us as your partner. My country “Philippine” is using right hand drive vehicle.

    Godd bless and more power

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