Looking to purchase a used vehicle from Japan? Our New Auction Search System is now online!

Japan Partner is pleased to announce the launch of a new auction system in Japan covering both USS and I-Auc groups. These two groups encompass over 180,000 used (pre-owned) vehicles being auctioned every week in Japan. We have invested a considerable amount of resources to make sure you can access the most effective auction data service on the internet.

Here are just a few points below as to why our japan auction system is better compared to what you have seen on the internet so far.

1. Our New Auction System is the FASTEST Auction System on the internet thanks to the shortest waiting time for data to show up.  It is now easy to sort out specific vehicles with definite characteristics (i.e. model, grade, condition and others).

2. A vast majority of available websites/car dealers offering Auction Services require compulsory and time-consuming registration before potential customers start to use the Auction System. Our New Auction system DOESN’T REQUIRE REGISTRATION!

3. Although our new Auction System has been developed for the own use of Japan-Partner Inc clients, the system CAN BE USED BY OTHER CAR DEALERS to attract their own customers.

TIME SAVING INTERFACE – the easiest and most intuitive interface on the Internet that makes potentially tiresome and time consuming work flow smoothly and stress-free.

MANUFACTURE YEAR CHECK – a very important tool for your import /export business in checking the manufacture year for the vehicle that you purchased or about to purchase. It is an exclusive service we provide that it is almost impossible to find elsewhere on the internet.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE AUCTION THROUGH OUR COMPANY,  please visit this web-site for more information:


Send us email at info@japan-partner.com or call our office in Nagoya, Japan at +81-567-94-0015.

To check how to use our auction system, please follow the link below:



1 thought on “Looking to purchase a used vehicle from Japan? Our New Auction Search System is now online!

  1. Check manufacture year turned out quite a useful tool for me. Especially when there is a complete chassis number and you should rely your purchasing decision on the manufacture year and not manufacture month

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