What number “1” stands for in Japan, the Japanese and Japan Partner Inc.


  • First car sold by Japan-Partner Inc. was Honda Accord
  • Parking one of Japan-Partner Inc. fits 79 cars
  • 1 % of the Japanese population are foreigners and 99% the Japanese
  • Average speed of local JR Japanese train is 1 km per minute
  • Average number of children per one family is 1.2 children or 12 children per 10 families
  • Japan-Partner Inc. ships cars to over one hundred countries
  • Japan-Partner Inc. main office address is: Japan, 455 Nagoya, Minato-ku, Nanyo-cho, Nishihukuta, Ganjima 511
  • The population of Japan is over one hundred twenty seven million people
  • In Japan while counting or for displaying number for others, one begins with palm open

  • Japanese Car Auctions don’t operate only one day a week
  • Yard address is: Japan, 497-0043 Aichi-ken, Amagun, Kanie-cho, Shinchiaki, Ato-higashi 80-1
  • National route 1 in Japan is over 560 km long and crosses 8 major prefectures
  • Penalty for drunk drive in Japan is one million Yen (approximately 8200 USD)
  • First Japanese lady astronaut Chiyaki Mukai is a doctor by profession
  • Counting in Japan is quite complicated, sounds differently and greatly depends on the object. For example one man- hitory, one small animal-ippiki, for the first time-hajimete, first floor-ikkai etc.
  • While reading an auction sheet of the car to be auctioned at the Japanese Car Auctions you may find a point of One Owner among sales points. This is considered as an advantage over other cars
  • Japan-Partner Inc. is in the top 10 Japanese Car Dealers in terms of purchases from the Japanese Car Auctions
  • First day of the month in Japanese sound weird for Russian speakers
  • Isuzu was the first car manufacturer in Japan
  • Japan-Partner Inc. ships cars from Port of Nagoya which is just 15 minute drive from the yard
  • Japan-Partner Inc. bank account number is 1384993
  • Although Japan doesn’t have its own army, military budget is # 6 among other top 10 budgets

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